About EICs & EICRs, as summarised on the Approved Workshop Scheme website

Most new caravans and motorhomes are sold with an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC).

These certificates usually state that the latest date of the next inspection should be within three years. The Electrical Safety Council recommend caravans should undergo periodic testing at least once every three years. This recommendation is similarly endorsed by both The Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club.

The purpose of the test is to report what was inspected and tested and to give details of the results and any remedial measures required. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is issued following completion of the test. The EICR will also state the date on or before which the next inspection should be carried out. This date represents the view of the competent person signing the certificate, based on what condition the inspected installation is in and their expert opinion as to how long it will remain safe to use before a further inspection is needed. Acting in your interests and exercising due diligence, AWS members may therefore recommend testing to you.

NB Testing is not compulsory but if you do not wish to have this testing done, the member may ask you to sign a simple disclaimer. The reason for the disclaimer is to give you, as the owner, the opportunity to decline an inspection when it is offered (i.e. against the advice of the competent person who produced the previous certificate or EICR).

The EICR is a much more detailed inspection of the electrical components within the tourer or motorhome compared to the annual habitation service and ultimately is down to you the customer whether you want one carried out.