The ‘Get MOT reminders’ service has now been extended to commercial vehicles such as buses, lorries and their trailers.

If you own a specialist vehicle, lorry or bus you can now sign up to get free reminders by text message or email to let you know when your vehicle’s annual test is due.

You’ll get a reminder 2 months before your MOT is due.

You’ll get another reminder if you still haven’t had your vehicle tested one month before its annual test is due.

New step by step page launched

We’ve also launched a new step by step page to help fleet operators and owners book an annual test.

It clearly sets out the process of getting an annual test, showing you what to do and in what order.

It has links to information across GOV.UK, including getting annual test reminders, finding the nearest authorised testing facilities, and filling in forms for tachograph or speed limiter exemptions.

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